Product data management

Many of our Prodanet solutions and services build on the Prodanet product database. As a database for technical products – consumer electronics / household appliances (white goods) – it plays a determining role in helping us to serve all areas of product data management: data maintenance, content delivery, data preparation, -distribution, -standardisation and -harmonisation, mapping and the connection to various merchandise control and webshop systems. On top of our tried and tested, out-of-the-box solutions, our extensive development experience puts us in an excellent position to also implement customer-specific data management and content requirements down to the last detail.

Consulting modules at the point of sale (P.O.S.)

  • Product searches
  • Product comparisons
  • Product data sheets
  • Energy labels
  • Product-specific energy cost calculation
  • Individual pricing (optimised business processes / branding at the P.O.S.)
  • • Print
    • ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

Online market monitoring

  • Market price monitoring (internationally and across all sectors)
  • Monitoring of additional market information (availabilities, conditions)
  • Competition monitoring
  • Market analyses
  • Price development
  • Individual market monitoring solutions

Product data management

  • Product database for technical products – consumer electronics / household appliances (white goods)
  • Master data maintenance, price / product data maintenance
  • Content services (provision of product information and images)
  • Safeguarding of international data standards
  • Data preparation, -distribution and -harmonisation
  • Mapping
  • Integration in various merchandise control systems
  • Individual
    • article master data solutions
    • content solutions

Individual IT solutions

  • IT know-how
  • Technological expertise
  • Development experience
  • IT infrastructure
  • API development
  • Analytical tools
  • PIM solutions
  • Cloud solutions
  • Hosting services
  • Internationally and across all sectors