Our IT-Solutions and Services.

The crucial extra factor.

As far as our customers are concerned, it lies in the seamless interaction of these individual components. It is the ideal combination that allows you to best exploit your own market opportunities and achieve your maximum business potential. In a highly dynamic, competitive environment, all market players can benefit from our wealth of experience and our vision for successfully taking on new challenges.

Prodanet offers that crucial extra factor.

Consulting modules at the point of sale (P.O.S.)

  • Product searches
  • Product comparisons
  • Product data sheets
  • Energy labels
  • Product-specific energy cost calculation
  • Individual pricing (optimised business processes / branding at the P.O.S.)
  • • Print
    • ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

Online market monitoring

  • Market price monitoring (internationally and across all sectors)
  • Monitoring of additional market information (availabilities, conditions)
  • Competition monitoring
  • Market analyses
  • Price development
  • Individual market monitoring solutions

Product data management

  • Product database for technical products – consumer electronics / household appliances (white goods)
  • Master data maintenance, price / product data maintenance
  • Content services (provision of product information and images)
  • Safeguarding of international data standards
  • Data preparation, -distribution and -harmonisation
  • Mapping
  • Integration in various merchandise control systems
  • Individual
    • article master data solutions
    • content solutions

Individual IT solutions

  • IT know-how
  • Technological expertise
  • Development experience
  • IT infrastructure
  • API development
  • Analytical tools
  • PIM solutions
  • Cloud solutions
  • Hosting services
  • Internationally and across all sectors

Support + consultancy services

Optimisation of your business processes and the security of successfully taking on the challenges that lie ahead with Prodanet

Prodanet products

For retail and wholesale decision-makers, from confederations, in e-commerce and in industry.

Consulting modules at the P.O.S.

Online consulting modules at the point of sale